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(Image A) Plaque of THE PROPHECY
(Image A) Plaque of THE PROPHECY
PROPHECY-MM.jpg (38.68 KiB) Viewed 1662 times
Overpowering present civilization; the philosophy, science, myth, magic, and religion of the laws and the prophets of the serpent: Overpowering civilization sustained hitherto by slavery, material losses of the black race, and loss of their dignity, blood, and sweat. They suffered enduring pain for millennial under the civilization of this hour.


OGUN and EBO (pronounced with the e as in 'effect') are central to following the message of The PROPHECY. OGUN is the effecter of CHANGE. EBO stands for the effect of OGUN. OGUN therefore is effectuating through EBO, the process marking the overpowering and annihilation of the present civilization. Overpowering and annihilation of the present civilization (by who?) is the promise of the prophecy.

Revelation Of The Prophecy

They revealed the Prophecy in phases to THE OBOIRO. It commenced with the display of cosmic events on the horizon. The scene temporarily replaced the physical environment. Other aspects of the prophecy followed with revelation in the night while he was in a dream state. He saw in a vision, a SNAIL SWALLOWING THE SERPENT BEHIND A HUGE LOG OF A FALLEN TREE. The base of the tree buried in ashes emitted flames and smoke. The fire later consumed the whole log of wood.

Foundation Of Present Day CIVILIZATION

Once upon an era of magicians, God mandated one magician on a holy mountain. He had a staff that he transmuted into a serpent by magic.

The institutional magicians confronted the magician of the mandate: Each transmuted own staff into a serpent. The serpent of the mandated magician swallowed the serpents of the other magicians.

The same magical forces by which they transmuted staffs into serpents, is powering the present civilization and history.

The serpent is the generic spirit of religions, the Prophets, and Magic. It is not only their religions, Prophets, and Magic, but of spirit of the community of the SERPENT-spirit on Earth: They include Witches, Chief priests, Pastors, Babalawos, Prophets, Overseers, Spiritualists, Mystics, Magicians, and their ancestors.

Their Race extends to the population of humankind led by Masons, KU KLUX KLAN, Catholics, Pentecostalists, Luciferians, Family of Mother Goddess, and Serpent Worshipers; others are Communists, Socialists, Cannibals, Necromancers, Muslims, Fetishists, the rich and the affluent usurers. They all are locked together as one race of civilization.

The prophecy lays out the path to the end of this civilization: The philosophies, sciences, technologies, myths, magic, and religions of the laws and the prophets of the serpent. That civilization was sustained by slavery, material losses of the black race, their blood, and sweat; the loss of the dignity of black race. They suffered enduring pain millennia long.

He received this prophecy as a promise. He had the revelation decades ago. He recorded it in bronze plaque. (See image A)

The Internet had not yet been invented. Hence, he exhibited the plaque physically or in pictures.

He saw a vision of the smoke still coming out of the stem of the tree recently in 2020 during Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic.

Civilization At Cost To The Black Race

The civilization was POWERED by the labour of slaves, their pain, blood, and sweat. African race form the overwhelming majority of the victims.

The slavers justified enslaving and abusing the black African race by preaching that their (slavers’) God created black people to be hewers of wood and fetchers of water for them, they being the “master race.”

They repeated the confrontation in the present when they attempted to ARIGBO exterminate OBGONI from the Earth. the Oboiro by poisoning his fruit juice. Viruses were included as EBO in the poison. He survived.

Those that mandated him cursed humankind with the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic. The CURSE is now swallowing the world, as did the serpent of the mandated magician that swallowed the serpents of the institutional magicians.

Ancient Interpretation Of The Memes Of SNAILS and SERPENTS

The ancients held the SERPENT as the meme of power of control through witchcraft, sorcery, diabolic or satanic rituals, initiation into mysteries, fetishism, magic, spiritualism, cultism, and SPRA—Spiritual, Psychic, and Ritual Abuse; slavery of mind, body, soul, and spirit.

The SERPENT robs a person of the power of control: It enslaves mind, body, soul, and spirit. The dwellers of the earth, as the victims therefore, could not free themselves acting on their own alone.

The ancients held the TREE as standing for the major institutions and organization that shape world history: They control the destiny of humankind.

The trunk that would become the log, is the institution represented at present by the combination of all the institutions and ways of worship of slavers of mind, body, soul, and spirit. They are the branches that grew out of the TREE. The domination of the world is serpent power manifested; is sustained through hexes, sorcery, religion, and worship.

The meme of the SNAIL is FORCE, puissance, and staying magical power as EBO: EBO is the means, agent for actualizing what a creator sets out or wills (akhasè). Its cardinal manifestation that the wise imbibe is patience, steadfastness, and endurance. (“EBO iziengbe”)

SNAIL swallowing the SERPENT: The power represented as SNAIL, the will power or force of the minds and spirits of the hitherto enslaved people will manifest through Coronavirus COVID-19 epidemic with its ramifications (economic, recreational, worship, fellowship, communal living and life Aalga). It is the CURSE.

Modern Interpretations

Interpreting the whole meaning of the revelation is beyond the scope of this blog.

We will interpret only the part that is relevant to understanding the phenomenon of the vanishing of present civilization. The world is being delivered through overpowering, annihilating, or consuming the spirits of the evil plaguing the race, the agents of the spirits, and their ancestors.

The SERPENT is the serpent of the magician that swallowed those of the opposition as mentioned above. The log is of the “fallen tree of the life” of present civilisation: The civilization that came out of the serpent, the laws and the Prophets, and the way of life of the “Civilized” contemporary man or woman.

The root message and promise is in the SWALLOWING PROCESS: The world is witnessing the swallowing process while the Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pandemic is “swallowing up” the present civilization and world order: The lockdown is swallowing up—depriving them of the venues and means of ARIGBO exterminate OBGONI from the Earth. and worship, of binding the race with spells, deceit, sorcery, cheating, and harassment. Wild fires are swallowing up the forests and states; floods are swallowing up vast territories and communities, It is the CURSE on the enemies.

EBO stands for effect of universal change: The SWALLOWING. The SWALLOWING PROCESS is the curse on the enemies, it points at the same time to the victory of the hitherto enslaved race—OVERPOWERING THE FORCE, POWER, or Ogun OF THEIR ENEMIES, along with the agents and ancestors in the present hour.

According to revelation, the tree is the tree of life: The forest that burned where it is located is the world of present civilization.

Annihilated--Consumed by OGUN The Effecter Of Change
(Image B) Fire felling the TREE OF LIFE in THE PROPHECY
(Image B) Fire felling the TREE OF LIFE in THE PROPHECY
EZUKU PROPHECY-TREE-Web.jpg (27.31 KiB) Viewed 1662 times
(Image B)

OGUN is the effecter of Change in the universe.

OGUN’S FIRE (EBO) felled the TREE: The fallen tree of life is being consumed by the fire; equivalent to the process of the SNAIL swallowing the SERPENT.

OGUN may be heat energy that consumes the world (“Climate change”?). Most people who perceive ubiquitous fire in their environment think of it primarily as the effect (EBO of OGUN) as such. However, it is also in the steadfastness, staying power to overpower any opposing force or entity—suction power of the SNAIL; to maintain a continuous swallowing as vector until death. There can be no escape of the serpent from the suction power of the snail: It is sucking the serpent and annihilating it until death or extinction.

The tree burned to ashes. Meaning that the life of the civilization is not only gone, the Ogun that once sustained it as its life, is combusting--burning up the tree, instead of sustaining it: The civilization has not only lost vitality, it is self-destructing. (Re Image B)

The Ogun of the serpent is now lost inside the SNAIL: We are at the twilight of the end of one civilization and the dawn of the civilization overpowering and annihilating it. The OGUN of “THE ONES WITH VISIBLE EYES THAT NEVER DIM OR BLINK” of the Holy Mountains is SWALLOWING the spirit of civilization; is “consuming” the WILL that had oppressed the race; had sustained the vanishing civilization.

The MYSTERIES of the revelation through The PROPHECY is in the SWALLOWING process: The suction by the serpent avails us the relief from, and protection against priests, gods, and ancestors: Our ARIGBO exterminate OBGONI from the Earth. are being confounded; they perish. Our OGUN annihilates the priests, our enemies and the enemies of “the ones with visible eyes that never dim or blink” of the Holy Mountains. We will not be harmed or hurt.

Concurrently, it heralds our victory—OVERPOWERING THE FORCE AND POWER OF OUR ENEMIES in the present hour.


Every living person is now a WITNESS, living in the shadows, awe, and fear of the phenomenon of the Coronavirus COVID-19 Pandemic and economic ruin.

Some pastors and the like are already challenging people to pray. That coincides with our endeavour to overpower the effectors whose actions led to the CURSE, and the villains of present civilization.

Our praying is however different from their old ways of UNCONDITIONAL SURRENDER: congregating, singing praises, adoring, idolizing, and worshiping. (The Pandemic is undermining these procedures.) We practice by contrast, “OVERPOWERING”—we chant and receive the FORCE or OGUN to OVERPOWER the enemies. These include our erstwhile masters and slavers, the oppressors, exploiters who held us in bondage, and their ancestors. We are breaking their grip on us, the union between our heads and their heads, blood bond, or our mystical marriage; lest we perish with them.

The Judgement

“The ones with visible eyes that never dim or blink” of the Holy Mountains save, protect, defend, and avenge us. Prosper those who aid us with funds or resources; favour those who promote our projects. Justify the affiliation between our heads and their heads.”


Join the One-On-One Prayer session with the Oboiro on ZOOM meeting. Request for invitations at
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