Who Otherwise Defends And Guides The Race—A Custodian? One mandated to unburden the slaves in spirit, body, mind, and soul: Unburden them of physical and material anguish and pain; unburden them of strife, anger, and rage as well.
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African Witchcraft is like fire ending the tree of life of Humankind .
African Witchcraft is like fire ending the tree of life of Humankind .
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Profiling African Witchcraft By The Oboiro With Examples From African Culture.


The Oboiro is one MANDATED by divine authority at LAKE-ARIGBO to champion the cause to free men, women, and spirits--to unburden the slaves in spirit, body, mind, and soul: To unburden them of the mundane--physical and material earthly scourge, and all sources of pain: To unburden them of the spiritual as well--strife, anger, and rage. This implies removing the burden that belongs to both the spiritual and mundane simultaneously, namely, WITCHCRAFT.

Please note that mandating him did not make him the Oboiro; rather they mandated him because he is The Oboiro.

Meanwhile, there seems to be ambiguity about the idea of witchcraft, depending on your racial or cultural upbringing. “African Witchcraft” would be in a separate category, when compared to the witchcraft practises of the occident, and orient, among various cultures and races. Read our narrative below and decide whether it fits the witchcraft practiced in your culture or religion; religion as such generally, and African Traditional Religion (ATR) especially.

Every African Ingests The Potion That Makes One Become A Witch/Wizard

Every African, especially those born or raised in West Africa, South of the River Niger ingested witchcraft potion at one time or the other, as a matter of tradition. Everyone goes through initiation of one sort or the other where this is mandatory. These include naming ceremony, tribal initiation, age group initiation for boys and girls, initiation into adulthood, marriage, baptism, and even induction into imported religions. Imported religions are domesticated through inclusion of African witchcraft.

While the potion is normally given out for free, you can buy extra potions in the market and other public places in Africa South of the Sahara; whether outside or inside West Africa south of the River Niger, for next to nothing. That would include the areas technically outside South of the River Niger.

Those who lead their lives among Africans in the Diaspora would be naturally given as is normal for the African to share at home: They share witchcraft potions among friends and neighbors who may not know when they are given: Or who might not have given their consent if they were asked before being given to eat.

Hence, we are advising that everyone needs to be included; to ARIGBO exterminate OBGONI from the Earth. with us to have their witchcraft burden removed. So that they may become free from the scourge of witchcraft. Everyone, that is, who lives in Africa or with people of African descent in North and South America, the West Indies, and everywhere else.

It is natural to have been initiated into some cult, shrine, society, or organization prior to reading this blog, and hence belong to a coven of witches who share their witchcraft practices with the Africans in our narrative here.

The Narrative

The Oboiro watched news items that we will be reading about here on the Nigeria Television Authority (NTA) network in Nigeria. This and the other examples from the same station were broadcast nationwide.

He saw a man being paraded. The man bore a clay pot filled with some herbs in liquid on his head. Another man, the property owner of where he resides, brought him to the station to confess to having killed the property owner’s daughter with witchcraft. The man pleaded guilty to the accusation.

The newsagent asked him how he did it. His answer revealed the natural definition of the craft of the witch/wizard. He said he requested the property owner to give him a bottle of locally brewed gin. The property owner sent his little daughter to collect it for them. The girl obeyed her father and bought the drink. The man drank it after offering a prayer: The girl died that night!

The reporter, who could not readily see the connection, asked the wizard to explain how drinking resulted in the death of the girl. He answered that, “that was the witchcraft.” The prayer was to transform the gin into life bearing essence (UTHILZAKH) of the victim, so that as the wizard drank the gin, he drank the life, blood, spirit or whatever of the girl.

The second example was from the same station. They interviewed a police suspect on television. He had killed his father with a hammer. After killing his father, he reported him at the police station. The police department brought the matter to the NTA to enlighten the viewers.

He narrated that the father had four of them as sons. The father asked the eldest to buy for him a goat and a bottle of gin. They slaughtered the goat after prayer by the father; they fed on it. Note that the father had prayed and drank the gin. The son died later that night!

Years later, the father asked the eldest son (who was formerly the number two) to buy for him a goat and a bottle of gin; he did. They all went through the same ritual of praying and feeding on the goat; the father drank the gin after offering prayer. The son died that night, as did the one before him!

The man narrated how his third brother bought a goat as requested by the father and died. Now, the father asked him, the only surviving son, for a goat and gin. “I led him down a footpath. When we were alone, I hit him on the head with the hammer. He died and I reported me to the police.” The man concluded.

A third example showed another aspect of the craft of African witches. They paraded a man on a different TV station bearing a bloodstained cutlass. He had reported him to the police after beheading his father.

He explained in the answer to the demand for explanation, that his father had seven children. None of them was progressing, and everyone in the village knew that his father was the wizard who “locked” their progress. “I beheaded him so that my younger ones might progress.”

Inference And Explanation

The prayers before slaughtering the goat were part of the African witches’ craft of capturing the spirit or essence of the victim, and trapping it in the goat’s body. This is the craft or practice of the witch that lead to the appellation.

The major accusation against witches and wizards worldwide was that they 1) fed on their victims; 2) prevented success, pregnancy, bumper harvest, etc. Of victims; 3) were the main agents retarding the progress and success of individuals, whole communities, or Nations.

Other evils emanate from African witchcraft craft start with the child-witch! These include squalor and illnesses plaguing relations, especially poverty -stricken parents. They also blame them for crop failure, famine, pestilence, catastrophes, and deaths of pregnant women during labor.

They also cause cataclysmic events like floods: They influence the weather to devastate the communities: These include those events that could be defined as being due to force major. This is more so in Africa and other retrogressive countries where African witchcraft is prevalent.

The Oboiro stated authoritatively in the Book, that African Witchcraft and its propagators were the curses on Africa and the black race: These include the so-called ancestral curses! Africans remained doomed unless, and until, they changed their Ancestors and witches’ religious practices: They must unburden them of Witchcraft.

Institutions Empower Witches And Wizards

Often ignored is the spiritual institutions of beings (mundane and spiritual) manipulating the wizards quoted above by empowering them. The institutions, as religious institutions empower them by empowering the witch-entity in them; through Holy Communion for example. The institutions of “native doctors,” “chief priests,” some (not all) ancestral worship serve to empower them; wherever and whenever feasting on sacrificial food and gin is involved. You would have noticed that feasting on slain animal and gin was a constant in the narrative above.

The witch-entity that is in the body of witch/wizard that prey on people, shares their nature and craft through the institutions and its practices. The institution is witchcraft religion or the religion of God. Some prefer to call it old-time Religion.

The wizards operated through prayers or by praying in combination of drinking gin or wine! Singing, chanting, and dancing enhance the intended effect. The witch-entity is the instrument of the deity, juju, gods or God of worship.

Take Action

Take action to exempt you from the burden and evils of African Witchcraft. You can unburden you even if you were already trapped and initiated.

The solution to being plagued eternally by African witchcraft is to unburden you in the midst of unburdening humankind going on now: As ARIGBO is ARIGBO exterminate OBGONI from the Earth. humankind to the MANDATE: ... f99dfc8228" \l "p251

The mandate is to free men, women, and spirits--to unburden the slaves in spirit, body, mind, and soul: To unburden humankind of the mundane--physical and material earthly scourge, that are due to African witchcraft, poverty, squalor, and ignorance: To unburden humankind of the spiritual scourge as well--strife, anger, and rage.

Culled from TESTIMONIES OF THE OBOIRO (OR ORACLE) Book I, Interpretations Of Experiences On The Holy Mount. Chapter 6

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