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OGUN IDAASHA LAKE-ARIGBO with “visible eyes that never dim or blink” Overlooking The valley of the LAKE”
OGUN IDAASHA LAKE-ARIGBO with “visible eyes that never dim or blink” Overlooking The valley of the LAKE”
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Overpower evil spirits and enemies that brought the pandemic and could annihilate you unless you did the correct thing. Get Ready.

The Universe As A Womb

We are in the universe as if inside a womb.

The universe is undergoing a process analogous to what goes on in the womb when a new life is conceived by the introduction of an essence into the womb; a phenomenon is set on the way whereby the essence develops from non-being into being; or develops from non-being into nothingness—vanishes before becoming something.

The things in that environment respond to the introduction of the essence, act on one another, react to one another, and yield something that is new and unique. In the same way, the universe with the introduction of the Coronavirus yielded a process whereby the virus acting alone or in combination with other essences (that may include vaccines) results in the universe changing fundamentally. We call this the CHANGEOVER.

This following is the idea of the CHANGEOVER: everything in existence remains same in structure only: changes in VALUE, FUNCTIONS, POWERS ONCE EXERCISED, AND PURPOSES. Bodies may remain but without sense or perceptions; pyramids will remain but without pharaohs and subjects; stadia and scoreboards remain but without games; shrines and temples with altars remain but no priests, devotees, or offerings; mega-churches remain but no worship or services; the Caaba remains but no pilgrims; gardens remain full of roses without appretiators; parks and beaches remain but no visitors; coliseums remain but no gladiators; there would remain palaces and castles without kings or princes; there will remain universities and centres of learning but without students or studies; million-bed hotels would continue to be, but without guests; Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles would remain on their launch pads, but no wars; highways would remain but no vehicles plying them; airports would remain but no travelers; jails would remain, but no inmates; gallows would remain, but no condemned prisoners . . . .

Architecture of the world after the changeover remains the same as before the changeover. Values and purposes remain but no events: factories will remain, as before the changeover but without production. Some things (e g species, races, bearers of cultures with their cultures, science, armies, and ramifications of specific civilizations) that existed before the changeover would cease to exist; as things above human imagination, those that we cannot start to imagine now, come into existence. New situations would emerge such as end to suffering and slavery as members of the black race experienced them: this is when the success to overpower our enemies would have prevailed.

Evil sorcerers with their allies in particular, and means of binding people with spells, deceit, sorcery, cheating, and harassment will be devastated, exterminated, ruined, confounded, killed, perished, and annihilated--ancestors, Mother, juju, priests and their Gods with them. Are you one of the villains?

The Pandemic Is Only A Prelude

The world is under lockdown and compelled to play and work differently by the Pandemic. The pandemic is for a purpose—to precipitate a turn around, or annihilation of the evils in our lives that had plagued humankind. It is the prelude to the changeover of present civilization into the next. The lockdown is the sting of the pandemic. It is the CURSE.

Additionally, it points at victory over all the evil that surrounds us in this world—OVERPOWERING THE FORCE, POWER, and SPIRIT OF OUR ENEMIES that had dominated individuals at various levels.

The extinction of agents is the third possibility often overlooked, other than remaining and becoming. We must pray lest we be harmed, hurt, or wiped out during the changeover: Some beings (physical, spiritual, and transcendent) will lose identity, consciousness, or their essences.

Our present prayer is that, “the ones with visible eyes that never dim or blink” should protect, guide, and sustain us while the changing over is in progress: Let us not falter or vanish: make the ORDER to prevail.

May we deserve, during changeover, OGUN IDAASHA and the powers from the mounts and hills of LAKE-ARIGBO, sustaining us to overpower the evils that surrounded us in our lives, the evils that plagued humankind before the pandemic.

The Pandemic Is Of A Divine Purpose

The world is under lockdown and compelled to play and work differently by the Pandemic. The pandemic is for a purpose—to precipitate the cure, and annihilation of the evils in our lives that had plagued humankind.

Prayers in the old way are of no consequences or effects. A higher authority, authority higher than God’s, the Prophets, magicians, and sorcerers are locking God out. They deprive God of meeting the machinations of the villains that manipulated their victims—binding them with spells, deceit, sorcery, cheating, harassment, and threats: all the evils that surround us in the name of God or worship. There has never been a divine role emanating from God; only the roles conjured up by priests and impostors.

End To Present Civilization Had Long Been Revealed

The “ORDER OF WITNESSES OF ARIGBO AND OBOIRO OF THE MYSTERIES” received the prophecy that the civilization of laws and the prophets will be replaced.

The prophecy of the changeover was revealed metaphorically as snail swallowing the serpent. The event occurred behind a log of a fallen tree.

The process may be broken down into segments as follows: a) the fall of the tree; b) the SNAIL swallowing the SERPENT, c) emergence of a very different civilization devoid of the values, purposes, and rules of the serpent.

The LOG is of the fallen tree of life of present civilisation: The civilization that came out of the serpent—its laws and the prophets. The present civilisation is ending: that is the definition of the CHANGEOVER—the swallowing.

We are witnessing the swallowing process as the Coronavirus and COVID-19 is “swallowing up” the present mode of operation, and the way of life of civilization and imposters playing God: The lockdown is its sting. It is the CURSE. However, it conveys hope at victory over evil all the evils that surround us in this world—OVERPOWERING THE FORCE, POWER, SPIRIT, and WILL OF OUR exploiters, oppressors, and “masters” that possessed and dominated the souls and minds of people.

The spirit of the SERPENT is now lost inside the SNAIL: The WILL and puissance of ARIGBO, “the ones with visible eyes that never dim or blink” is replacing the spirit of the former civilization; is replacing the SPIRIT and WILL that had sustained the ending civilization. The world needs to join us in prayer so as not to get lost in the changeover.

Are You Ready?

We are at THE WITNESS HOUR—the CHANGEOVER HOUR that may last centuries. Past events happened that include the Landing Of THE Hills, mountains, lake and valley of LAKE-ARIGBO that we know today as DASSA-ZOUMÉ. What would they become when changeover of various aspects is due? FIRE ON NOTRE DAM defied all precautions. OGUN IDAASHA can become or cause anything new, transcendent, and hitherto unfamiliar, during this CHANGEOVER. Events happen according to their inner PROGRAM and the root secrets of the Universe—root secrets controlling the destiny of Nations and the UNIVERSE. These are transcendent: meaning beyond and outside the ordinary range of human experience or understanding.

Time when it will occur may not be predictable, but the NEXT event is inevitable. It has begun with the pandemic and commencement of the swallowing process. Are you ready?

PRAYER remains distinct part of the solution. The One-On-One Prayer session with the Oboiro is different from assembling the old way as a multitude to sing praises and idolize. The former assemblies sang praises as a multitude, and idolized without focus or consequence--without confronting and challenging the enemies. We engage to OVERPOWER THE FORCE, POWER, WILL and SPIRIT of our personal individual ENEMIES, enemies if the race, and humankind; these had plagued and menaced the individual at respective level. We bear the puissance, FORCE AND energy now, as the OGUN within each of us. With that energy, you would overpower the evil spirits and their human agents in your personal life.

The ORDER Will Inherit The Changed Universe

Every living person is now a witness of the phenomena of the Coronavirus pandemic, its attendant COVID-19, lockdowns, and economic ruin, devastations, and annihilation of evil. Those are the visible manifestations of the invisible source—the PROGRAM and root secrets of the Universe controlling the destiny of Nations and the UNIVERSE.

The Pandemic and economic catastrophe are the visible consequences of the invisible CURSE from a higher authority; namely, OGUN IDAASHA that is the authority higher than GOD, the Prophets, magicians, and sorcerers.

Assurance Of Overpowering Evil

ARIGBO, “the ones with visible eyes that never dim or blink,” guarantee your success through their PRESENCE, sounds, and visible eyes that never dim or blink. They continue to guide you a right in tangible ways the moment you start praying the way we show you, and throughout the fulfilment of THE PROPHECY--the changing over of civilization.

You must assemble with those of LAKE-ARIGBO and OGUN IDASHA.

Join Us

Join us at ZOOM meeting for One-On-One Prayer Meeting with The Oboiro. Send your request for invitation to arigbo-oboiro@newworship.info. Do that now, this very moment. Because, the enemies who confound those sluggish in action, are doing everything to prevent the changeover.

No one knows the actual time that a grave upheaval may overwhelm you if you delayed. Request for invitation now, immediately, not later or tomorrow.
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