They work with ARIGBO and the OBOIRO OF THE MYSTERIES: A body of persons having common practices and experiences of praying and other practices. Their goal is to join the Administrators or God in controlling the destiny of the Nation and world by accessing the PROGRAM and root secrets of the UNIVERSE.
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Map on wall of LAKE-ARIGBO, Threshold to heaven is here
Map on wall of LAKE-ARIGBO, Threshold to heaven is here
MAP of LAKE-ARIGBO.jpg (53.83 KiB) Viewed 4492 times


NOTE that we have OBOIRO the man on Earth and OBOIRO OF THE MYSTERIES in ARIGBO.

ARIGBO IS A MYSTERY. ARIGBO is a location. ARIGBO can appear in different forms. ARIGBO is the essence of a transcendent intelligence; it is beyond human understanding. We may work with ARIGBO as if it were a VITAL FORCE, puissance of ADMINISTRATION of the Universe; emanation through the LIVING, complex interlinked Mountains and Hills where Lake-ARIGBO is located. ARIGBO is a NON-THING appearing to fill the virtual space behind the living visible eyes of the complex interlinked Mountains and Hills of DASSA-ZOUMÉ: Lake-ARIGBO is liquid part of ARIGBO. The mystery of ARIGBO will be revealed to those who make it to heaven at the conclusion of their pilgrimage.

Divination Or Consulting An Oracle

If you chanted and prayed the way that THE WITNESSES OF ARIGBO AND THE OBOIRO do, you would be following the PRAYER GUIDE. If you do, you would not need to consult any oracle for advice: You would receive as direct inspiration, all information necessary to achieving the goals of your PRAYER: These are the reasons for which you needed to consult the oracle. That way, there can be no interference or hindrances from a third party: all your secrets would remain with you alone.

We are in the times of COVID-19 caused by the Coronavirus according to some scientists. However, we on the quest are PILGRIMS on the path to the next WORLD CIVILIZATION: We have discovered that the ongoing disruption in world history owes to a CURSE. The Administrators of the UNIVERSE (or ARIGBO) put the curse on humankind.

* **Woe, confusion, and despondency is taking over the souls and minds of our enemies and adversaries already: They are losing hope. They despair. ARIGBO can help if they requested for, and practised the PILGRIM’S PRAYERS while following the GUIDE.

After you have engaged ARIGBO, you are ready to work with ARIGBO in specific or personal field that you must next chant and pray. The Order would send the chant and with PRAYER GUIDE to you on request.

ARIGBO’S Intelligence Covers Every Angle

The beauty is that ARIGBO is all-intelligent: When you chant “ARIGBO HELP ME,” ARIGBO knows the help you need at the instance of the chanting. Furthermore, they would grant what is necessary even if you did not know what they were and hence could not know how to ask.

***If you wish to avoid death from Coronavirus or COVID-19, “Stay-at-home,” and “Lock-down,” escape with us: Accept PILGRIM’S PRAYERS while following the GUIDE.

Broadcast to the whole world to chant the chants as they follow the PRAYER GUIDE of ARIGBO AND THE WITNESSES OF ARIGBO AND THE OBOIRO. Hold public lectures teaching people to chant “ARIGBO chants,” bear witness. DO NOT BUILD OR CONSTRUCT A SHRINE TO ARIGBO. Otherwise, teach them that ARIGBO is part of LAKE ARIGBO and vise versa on Holy Live Mountain IDAASHA. Show them Picture 1.
Hope of the chants and PRAYER GUIDE
Hope of the chants and PRAYER GUIDE
H-ARIGBO Std-R-Hope-Frm.jpg (14.58 KiB) Viewed 4492 times
(Picture 2)

Read the details at viewtopic.php?f=39&p=212&sid=9d529a20f1 ... a0f67#p212
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