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In the beginning, OSA (God) descended to Earth after a council in Heaven. They arrived extending their domain to Earth. The Race is begotten of OSA. 

The Oboiro wrote in the past that the founders of the world SANG verses from the SONG of creation. (TESTIMONIES OF THE OBOIRO and elsewhere) The Oboiro wrote WRONGLY about the SOUNDS of creation that have continued throughout history of the universe of our consciousness (OSAGBAYE). This mistake happened, because he was repeating what his teachers taught him at Sunday school: They were not EBOIRO (plural of OBOIRO).

In other words, his earlier writing was due to the influence of his education in European Languages: He learned that God said at the beginning, “Let there be light and there was light.” God could not have spoken in the human Language of Prophet Moses, any other Prophet, or human being. The human language was not existent at the beginning of OSAGBAYE: The human language emerged millions upon millions of decades later in the era of Homo sapiens, who developed speech.

He now presents the correct thing, based on his direct perception as The Oboiro, of the SOUNDS from the dwellers of Holy Mountain IDACHA, whose companion he now is.

The Greatest PROMISE Of All:  ”. . . . We will be with you always.”

In the beginning was OSAGBAYE (OSA, God)

The first OSA spread itself throughout the universe: OSA-GBA-AYE, meaning OSA pervades (GBA) universe (AYE). The world on Earth became a conscious universe. The atmosphere on Earth became the universe of reality, life, and mysteries of human experience.

Human beings existed before then as animals with mentality of brutes of the wild. People existed without a sapient mind, spirit, or soul; their intelligent minds, spirits, and souls were born through OSAGBAYE (abbreviated to OSA). In other words, the physical body is of the earth, but consciousness, mind, spirit, soul, and faculty for extra sensory perception (ESP) are of OSAGBAYE. Through OSAGBAYE, they were born or reborn. Hence, we say we are baby or mini (ovbi in Bini or Edo language) OSA: we are begotten of OSAGBAYE. Some people invoke OSAGBAYE as OSAGBAYE n' erha mwen, meaning, OSAGBAYE my father.


The Oboiro as a youth in 1950s noticed that people planted “OSAGBAYE” in the front of homes in Benin City, the capital of the Kingdom of Great Benin. They planted in each heap of soil, a cane (uwenrhien ota, meaning rod of speech, expression, or transmission—a radio). They lay on the heap at the base of each, three things, namely, coconut (kokodia), a large moulded kaolin (orhue-image), and pumpkin (umwenkhen). (See images below.) People broadcast their requests to OSAGBAYE. Everyone, regardless of age or status, spoke directly to OSAGBAYE: Every being is equal before OSAGBAYE: No appointed intermediaries, no priests, or people of a higher authority or status than the rest.

The objects and associated rites of transmission bore the mysteries of communicating with, or transmission of data to, the home of primordial creators. It established also that humankind was of spiritual parentage or lineage: they share in the divinity of OSA.

It has been established that the founders arrived through a Holy Mountain. Divinities still creating descend continually on Holy Mountains. The creation process continues to date and will continue forever according to AYI axiom.

The traffic through the holy mountains is not one-way: some divine beings land on them, some ascend from them, while others pass through them.

On Holy Mountains are junctions of universes running through any of them. We, who are born, are coursins to, or descendants of the dwellers of the Holy Mountains. Those who are created are not.

In modern language, the cane was antenna or radio; the objects at its base were power packs, and transmission gadgets. The ancients intended future generations (especially later companions) to follow these and communicate directly with them, everywhere in OSAGBAYE. Meanwhile, our companions have updated this process through the Oboiro.

People may not see any true OSAGBAYE pole nowadays. They are hidden from public view: the believers in the God of missionaries and Pentecostalists who also believe in OSAGBAYE do not want people to find out. (see the PROPHECY.)

They may find bamboo poles and canes planted in front of same homes. Additionally, some idolaters changed the representation of OSAGBAYE, replacing pole with statue of soldier or police.

Idolaters first sacrificed blood to either the bamboo pole or the soldier they named OSAGBAYE. They incurred instantly, ISUSU through IMPRECATION--curses of confusion, disordered state of mind, stupidity, and depravity: they lost their minds--went insane.

According to the tradition of communicating with, or through OSAGBAYE, no blood offering was permitted. The killing of any animal was equivalent to murder.

Some people continued to have the endemic spiritual problems for which they sacrificed blood to graven images, dead ancestors, and so on: They sacrificed blood to appease their vexatious ancestors. Some of them sacrificed blood at the statute of soldier or police they called OSAGBAYE! They immediately incurred imprecation--Oath Of Vengeance--Calling Evil Down By Ancestors To Avenge the slain victims: they lost their senses--went insane.

Idolaters and others were caught between wasting their sacrifices to idols and dead ancestors on one hand, or risk insanity by sacrificing to the police/soldier they named OSAGBAYE, on the other hand. They attempted a syncretism of OSAGBAYE on one hand, and graven images and dead ancestors, on the other hand. They planted a bamboo pole in the ground without any objects at its base. They tied a pigeon by the leg, and hanged it on the pole. They left the crucified bird to suffer to death, because they knew that the killing of any animal in association with OSAGBAYE was a taboo.

They pretended that the offering on the bamboo pole was to shango! However, they associated the offering with OSAGBAYE in their minds. They planted both cane of OSAGBAYE and shango pole in the same zone. That is what mattered—thought or true intension while making the blood sacrifice.

They linked the pole with the pigeon and OSAGBAYE cane. They tried to get round the taboo by not killing the pigeon out rightly, but leaving it to die “of natural causes,” like starvation. It remained nevertheless, equivalent to murder with dire consequent IMPRECATION.

This ritual has remained in their mode of worship to this date. Shango worshipers still crucify pigeons on poles standing alone or next to OSAGBAYE cane. Any wonder that there is rampant cases of insanity in African countries at large, or among descendants of Africans, and the Diaspora Africans, even among non-worshipers of Shango?

This is one of the main powers consuming the roots of the TREE in the PROPHECY!


Idolaters being victims of witch doctors, babalawos, and other agents of malignant cult or witchcraft ancestors, indulge in blood sacrifice. Hence, they hang pigeons at what is to them OSAGBAYE poles to die.

They do not get away with the crucifixion and murder: ISUSU continues to follow from their violation of the taboo, owing to imprecation! But they know not. Hence, they are doomed unless, or until they separated Shango (or Sango) and OSAGBAYE in their minds, ceased the ritual murders.

The Oboiro kept telling anyone willing to listen that the black race in particular was doomed unless or until the people changed their ancestors. That includes abandoning the worship of Shango (or Sango) and other ancestors that were alien or in opposition to OSAGBAYE. (“TESTIMONIES OF THE OBOIRO (Or Oracle) Book I, Interpretations Of Experiences On The Holy Mounts,”  Chapters 8 and 9)

People need not fear dire consequences if they stopped worshiping Shango, Amadioha, graven images, and related dead ancestors, because the dwellers on Holy Mountains that mandated the Oboiro, know what the people need. They are not leading people into temptation, because people would have access to PUISSANCE and other powers beyond faith through the Holy Mountains (including through LiveAxe), powers from which Shango, Amadioha, and those ancestors separate them. In any case, these would be restored the instant they AFFILIATED their skulls with those of Holy Mountains, and Heaven.


OSAGBAYE pole with the three things at its base, namely, kokodia (coconut), orhue (kaolin), and  umwenkhen (giant cucumber)









(Giant cucumber)




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