Live By Message And Power From Holy Mounts Escape Damnation

With message from the Mounts as our guide, we cannot miss Salvation. The Oboiro is a witness: they restored his hearing, and removed implants enemies put in his physical body.
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Live By Message And Power From Holy Mounts Escape Damnation

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Power Through The Mount

When Oboiro-to-be was in search of TRUTH, he read about the right hand path, left hand path, and the middle path. Now the Oboiro has the TRUTH and it is none of the above. The Oboiro follows the path of Holy Mounts on Earth. This alternative to all others bears PUISSANCE through mountains and our being. PUISSANCE means might, power, and potency and it emanates THROUGH the mounts and our beings. Please note that it emanates through the Mounts and our being. PUISSANCE does not come to us as if we were in one place and PUISSANCE in another. We are not separate.

The damned are separated from PUISSANCE and lack it. These unfortunate people lost their relationship to be one with PUISSANCE. These condemned people, are the channels of evil in the world, and bear ISUSU. ISUSU translates as Ancestral Curse in lives of the damned. There are not two or more separate PUISSANCE, such as one through holy Mounts, and another through our beings, or through somewhere else. PUISSANCE of the universe is present everywhere at the same time. Space does not limit it, and is not barrier to it.

“When They Arrived”

At the beginning, human beings were just another species of animals on Earth before the founding of the spiritual Earth or world. PUISSANCE-might, power, and potency that emanates through the mounts and us make us spiritual and divine. It separates us from the beast and kingdom of the damned, because they are without PUISSANCE. Through PUISSANCE, we, and what some call God or Gods are one and different. We are one with them in power, might, and potency, but different due to religion. Their God is not our God, and we neither worship the same beings or entities with them nor share in their burdens of appeasing their Gods.

The starters of the world arrived from another universe as evidenced in every legend, myth, or narrative of origin of the spiritual world on Earth. Every account, myth, or legend starts with, “When they arrived.” although every religion started with myths, practical events, emanations, and manifestations, (miracles to some people) converts otherwise mere stories into truth. These evidence PUISSANCE emanating through Mounts and our being.

Extraterrestrial Forms (ETF)

Extraterrestrial forms (ETF) are transcendent FORMS that can reveal them in human or other shapes. We do not think of them as BEINGS or extraterrestrial BEINGS. They manifest briefly anywhere on Earth, to whom they choose. They take on shapes or appearances to which those who encounter them can relate.

The ancients called them by specific name, namely, OSA GB AYE, (or OSAGBAYE) meaning OSA pervades AYE or universe. They guided the ancients and still guide us today, and will always guide the worthy forever. Remember that those who idolized OSAGBAYE and took life to offer blood to it lost the PUISSANCE and are damned.

Some, not all ETF, use the mounts to contact people. Holy mounts they use include Oke (Mont) n Anubode located at Ughoton, Nigeria. The Oboiro has visited this. Others are Ete (Mount) Iropfio in Ivbiaro, Nigeria, and Sô (Mount) Idacha in Dassa-Zounmē, Republic of Bénin.
Indigenes of Ughoton encounter ETF so frequently; they have a term for them. They call them “computer people” (CMPTPL). My point is that ETF are not beyond the normal—not paranormal or only metaphysical. It is natural to encounter them. Such encounter does not bestow any special powers on one. What transpired during the encounter alone is important. What did they do to you or do with your? For example, did they make any revelations to you? Did they send you on a message? Did they heal you?

ETF are coordinating winding down of evil world and realigning “fallen” part of OSAGBAYE, to divine Master Plan. Most of us heard of “the fall of man.” People who worship fallen angels or their equivalents will deserve to either be re-absolved into the main, or be exterminated.

The Oboiro has encountered ETF in various climes and places. Notwithstanding, there seems to be zones where they manifest on Earth. These coincide with holy mounts where they have been encountered over the millennia. However, their manifestations are not limited to environments where holy mounts are located. The Oboiro encountered them in a bank in Benin City, in railway and inside tram in Berlin, and in residential area in Edmonton, Canada.

Not every person can discover them. This difference distinguishes them from “aliens” in photographs on Internet that trappers caught in snares, researchers caught on cameras and videos, or allegedly mated with women or and impregnated some. (The gods or ghosts mated with daughters of men.)

Different Interpretations Of Messages

Encountering entities or forms while on, or near holy mounts, is not the same as other encounters. People interpret messages or wisdom from them or through those on the mount differently. E g Prophet Moses encountered the ETF on Mount Sinai, and wrote the magician Books of Moses. Greeks encountered gods on mount Olympus and gave the world Olympic Games. Some encounter them in Africa, and start a shrine as Adaobi in Ivbiaro, others start a primitive religion. Others, like the Oboiro, deliver messages that enforce Divine Plan. Others become geniuses in various forms of human endeavor.

Others, who grow up among idolaters or worshipers of Ancestors or live by Cultism, try to “cure” them from exposure to ETF. The priests thereby make them zombies or stupid.

The Oboiro came across some “cured” people in communities where Mounts are located. They had been overwhelmed by the encounter, especially in/or near a river. Some became unconscious and needed to be revived. In the process of trying to revive them, priests invoked all sorts of demonic entities, and initiated them into CULTISM. Primitive societies thrive on Cultism.

ETF Are No UFOs Or “Aliens”

Another significant difference between every ETF The Oboiro encountered on one hand, and aliens whose images are in photographs on Internet and elsewhere, on the other hand, is that ETF could not have been photographed because their appearances are unpredictable. One could not have prepared for their appearance to capture their images.

Besides, first time the Oboiro went to Ughoton, he took a camcorder with him. He made video clips of the meeting he held with elders of Ughoton.
The “man” who introduced ARUOKUN to him on the mount was not on the downloaded video. It did not appear. This proved they are not objects you can capture on film.

The Oboiro deals with extraterrestrial forms. The Oboiro does not have any relationship with unidentified flying objects or UFOs. When people observed an UFO, it makes no difference in their lives. The UFOs are always far away in the sky or horizon, or are flashes, which disappear.

What difference has those “aliens” caught on film or snares made in lives of people? Nothing! What the Oboiro has read about UFOs is similar to hunters’ or angler’s tales. No sense to them, they were simply noises. We therefore must be careful not to confuse ETF with fairy tales or “old wives tales” like stories about UFOs. Administrations of humankind are in the hands of ETF and not UFOs.
Not every encounter with entities is an encounter with ETF. For examples, people encountered pythons, monkeys, ostriches, crocodiles, and so forth. These are not ETF.

The Oboiro Is Witness

The Oboiro is a witness: They healed him when members of Ancestor Worship and Cultism injured him. They look after him always, forestalling attacks by day and by night. They restored his hearing, and removed implants enemies put in his physical body. When the Oboiro is confused while composing, they inspire him. They revealed symbols to him after which the Oboiro shaped the ebo the Oboiro produced. ARUOKUN Home Version is an example of this. They infused the objects with power appropriately when completed. Rod and Comb are examples. Above all, they do not blackmail him—the Oboiro needs not appease them; he does not make blood offerings to them.
With message from the Mounts as guide, we cannot miss Salvation. The Oboiro is a witness: they restored his hearing, and removed implants enemies put in his physical body. Living by messages of Mounts, and cooperation with ETF, you are covered.

Help And Support

For help, enlightenment, and answers to many spiritual issues. Visit our New SUPPORT COMMUNITY: viewtopic.php?f=2&p=4&sid=48a8ca0e76774 ... 647c49b#p4 There, you can ask questions including concerns you could not disclose otherwise for fear of betrayal.

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