Stupidity, ISUSU, Ancestral Curse-Cultism

With message from the Mounts as our guide, we cannot miss Salvation. The Oboiro is a witness: they restored his hearing, and removed implants enemies put in his physical body.
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Stupidity, ISUSU, Ancestral Curse-Cultism

Post by Oboiro500 » Mon May 30, 2016 8:31 pm

When Even The Gods Are Stupid, What Do You Expect Of Their Descendants Or Followers?

I am moved to post this blog, because of persistent stupidity of many of my African readers. Not all Africans are stupid, but those of them who live by ancestor worship and cultism are.

We may illustrate place of Cultism by an analogy. God exists through his religion, church, mosques, and assemblies. These with other institutions of worship are his body on Earth. In like vein, Cultism and shrines of cults and secret societies is the body as oath taking and witchcraft (casting spells) is the actuality through which adherents realize it. Cultism is essence of organized secret societies, lodges, or masquerades. ISUSU or Ancestral Curses develop from them.

Witchcraft is foundation of ancestral curses. What are ancestral curses to Africans who express them in foreign languages is ISUSU to native speakers of African language. They worship ancestors and live by Cultism as aspect of their religion. They seek deliverance from Ancestral Curses. These who live by Ancestor Worship and Cultism keep trying to use their diabolism or witchcraft on the Oboiro to steal undeserved benefits from Oboiro puissance.

We had DESTINY CONTROL FORUM. We have just set up a new replacement for what we had. The New ARUOKUN COMMUNITY SUPPORT board is one aimed at giving members and nonmembers opportunity for free counseling.


We intend it as first point of contact where visitors to the FORUM can read summary of New ARUOKUN COMMUNITY SUPPORT we offer. This program has become necessary, because we observe most Africans who send us e-mails always ask for spiritual help in one form or another. They are preoccupied with deliverance from ISUSU, which to them is Ancestral Curses. They do not discuss contents of my blogs or websites.

The most pressing concern that obsesses Africans is “Ancestral Curses.” We have noticed over the decades, what Africans who reason in English (or other European languages), think- includes in Africa and in the Diaspora. Their Ancestral Curses are familiar to speakers of an African native language, as ISUSU. This word is in Bini/Edo language of Great Benin in southern Nigeria. (my native language).

This ISUSU or Ancestral Curses modify in their psyche ability of the Africans who live by ancestor worship and cultism. Western philosophers wrote about this as African Stupidity. E g G. W. F. Hegel). Another example is Professor James Watson, the 2007 noble price winner for chemistry. He observed that a black person bears gene for idiocy. I had been an opposer of these expletives for a long time. (E g TOC ... okid=56966).

Being Called Stupid Justified

However, I as The Oboiro have noticed in my interaction with the African as spiritual counsel, that there is some fundamental behavior of us Black people, which seem to justify being described as stupid. Oracles of African Gods such as the Ifa priest or babalawos display attitudes consistent with stupidity in sight of non-Africans. (I chose Ifa as example, because Ifa is popular among America Blacks and in southern Nigeria.)

The Ifa oracle suggests, for example, that people should tie days old chick around the throat of a person at the throes of death. They believe noise made by the chick would scare away death were it to approach the ill.
Polling in Nigeria some years ago was by voters filing behind the poster or picture of a candidate. Polling officers count them. He records them, and the candidate who had the longest line was adjudged winner.
Political elections are hotly pursued in Nigeria. Always, it is a do or die affair. Candidates, their friends, and families seek support of Gods (God of the Book inclusive) to win.

My uncle sought my prediction whether his preferred candidate would win a particular election. I told him, the candidate was going to lose. Without much ado, he said he had the solution. He persuaded me to follow him to seek the intercession of Oronmila. We went to an Ifa priest or babalawo. The priest consulted Ifa and produced a typical solution.

He recommended that, we bring sixteen of a certain bug (in addition of course to animals to be killed as sacrifice.) This bug is size of a housefly. Its peculiarity mode of hiding in dust made the chief priest divine it; it digs in into sand hind first, moving backward. The babalawo said he would use this for an Ifa ritual or juju. At the election, the voters lined up in front of the poster of the opponent of my uncle’s candidate would “move backward,” as does the insect. They would miraculously leave the queue of opponents of my uncle’s candidate and join the queue of his candidate.

Election came and my uncle’s candidate did woefully. My point is this: belief, as this is mark of stupidity to non-Africans. Most Africans and their Gods would indeed be stupid. However, the Africans who live by ancestor worship and cultism are applying a logical type unintelligible to a western mind.

Witchcraft is foundation of ancestor worship and ancestral curses, namely, ISUSU. Africans live by Cultism, based on black magic or witchcraft as power of gods of cultism.

Members Are Idolaters And Cultists

Therefore, we have witchcraft problems with most Africans who have been with us at the FORUM, even for over twenty years. They bear ISUSU and are cursed.

I set up New ARUOKUN COMMUNITY SUPPORT viewforum.php?f=22 board on our DESTINY CONTROL FORUM. I wrote it clearly that, “We offer information and advice or clarification. It should be first point of contact. Ask all questions about Oboiro Destiny Control Project (ODCP) here. Participate in discussions started by others. Post your problems here for discussion. Post issues here, which would have prompted you to call the Oboiro on the phone, for example. If your issue requires deliverance or healing, post your questions here. Your privacy is guaranteed, since you are not using your real name. You would be directed on what to do from here.”

What do African visitors to the post do? They still send personal e-mails to the administrator. The Oboiro is of course the administrator. If those who do this are not stupid, what are they? They are ancestor worshipers and cultists whose ways are of Cultism and witchcraft.

They write the Oboiro as a point of contact to link up with him diabolically, as the sound of the chick tied around the neck of a sick person would link the patient to ward off “death.” Alternatively, as voters linked through the juju of babalawo to the candidate would cause them to “move backward” from the file of their favorite candidate to my uncle’s. According to witchcraft logic, by reading their e-mail, which they must have sent after appropriate diabolic rituals, they could steal from my powers.
This they do as consequence of the ISUSU or Ancestral Curse on their cult and members. They must be benefiting from their spiritual roguery before now. However, they will discover now why the elders say the HEAD of Oboiro is a curse on witches, wizards, and Cults.

You Have Only You To Blame

I as the Oboiro with all PUISSANCE-might, power, and potency- condemn those trying to use their diabolism or witchcraft on me as the Oboiro, to steal undeserved benefits from my Oboiro puissance.

Those who continue to steal power from the Oboiro who are damned, I condemn as follows: They and their descendants will know no peace in life; they live and die barren, and where they already have children, shall be at the funeral of every one of the children; they die in extreme poverty. There will be no great men or women from their seeds.

This we add to the ISUSU already bedeviling them.

The Oboiro is not to blame. They are in contempt of Oboiro and breach the Universal Golden Rule (UGR

Always put your questions or applications by posting them on New ARUOKUN COMMUNITY SUPPORTviewforum.php?f=22.
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