To guide each of us a right in these times of fulfilment of THE PROPHECY: As the SNAIL is swallowing the serpent—OGUN N’EBO ERHEN, the force of EARTH’S FIRE is consuming the forces of the magicians, spiritualists, cultists, ritualists and slavers.
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They Ripped Us From OGUN: Burned Up The Centre For Communication Inside Our Individual Being! We Are Identifying The Problems Ensuing From Bunt Up Communication Centre, In This Blog 4-1a.

Cont’d from OGUN OF THE PLANET EARTH Blog 3-en
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Everybody would have been in a continuous relationship and communication with the Founders of the world on Earth, were it not for the ZOMBIFICATION, of the Black Race severing the continuity. The place whence the Founders of the world on Earth came, after all is still there. We are here as their extensions, or the miniature forms of them--their “begotten, children,” and WITNESSES. Their own visited the Oboiro On Monday 5th September 2022 On Zoom--An Occasion Of Intervention. (See details in the previous Blog 3.

The Black African has been having wicked and evil priesthood as ikor on Earth: Witchdoctors, chief-priests, babalawos, houngan, pastors, imams, voodooists, demons, evil entities, witches, wizards, gods, men and women of God, and some ancestors.

The adversaries who are damned, ripped them from their roots and source of OGUN, the EBO=FORCE. The devils have interrupted the process through their zombification process: Burning up the centre for communication inside the being of individual Black Race! We will have to re-establish the communication center inside these victims.

We are first identifying the consequential PROBLEMS ensuing from bunt up communication centre, in this part 4-1a.

The Problem Inside Individual Black African

The interference with the roots of The Black man and black woman at the source starts with the enemies tearing them from the founders of the world, and linking them up with themselves instead. The enemies would make them into what is compatible with themselves to achieve that. That compatible whatever is the “Witchcraft And Other Evil Entities.”

The process of making the “Witchcraft And Other Evil Entities” to manifest in the bodies of Black Race is ZOMBIFICATION.

ZOMBIFICATION of the Black Race is robbing them of the faculties of mind: Preventing the Black African from exercising the faculties for Tools (re man the tool maker), scientific ingenuity--engineering and technology, and above all, inventing Writing as did other races.

Note that Writing is more than a simple representation of thoughts and ideas; it includes MAGIC: MAGIC of RUNES, and KIWU of IGODOMIGODO, for examples, are essential keys to influencing the human environment, and world destiny.

The goal of the interference might have been zombification, the result nevertheless has always remained hybridization! The hybrid is of the combination of the essences of the human being, beasts, demons, and African-witchcraft entities.

(Meanwhile, experiencing such hybrids in dream-state experiences is a useful clue to distinguishing between divine spirits on one hand, and African-witchcraft entities, on the other hand.)

The Oboiro (a Black African) observed that the Black Americans that he interacted with while in the United States, “did not meditate on what to make of their lives. They live for a day at a time. They did not have any notion of planning for a whole month, let alone for a whole year, talk least of a lifetime. This is not the worst thing. The worst is that some are not even aware of their existence.

“. . . Thinking about possible consequences of their actions was none of their business.

. . .They had no conception of living: Did not share the American dream. They simply existed.” (ibid)

This has been the result of their zombification or hybridization.

The parent racial stock in Africa are confounded. This is due to the interruption in the link to the Founders of the world, and the Heads of Holy Mountains. Therefore, they are not different from the African-Americans.

Additionally, they have no sense of value for life, especially the human life! E g parents would spill the blood of own temperamental child on ogun altar as offering to energize it. This despite the fact that blood offering cannot be a normal offering to Ogun: OGUN being EBO = FORCE or FIRE-ENERGY.

The Black Race or Black Africans are acculturated to African-witchcraft magic; not as the magic of the Greek, Teuton, Aryan, etc. for example, but the magic devoid of profoundness, excellence, and harmony.

Those of priestly and spiritual roles are preoccupied with creating the problems that would make sacrificing blood appear normal: Appeasing vexatious ancestors, and fighting off witches, wizards, and evil spirits life long. Hence, the population is obsessed with appeasing vexatious ancestors, fighting off witches, wizards, and evil spirits in their lives.

We should also remember here, the lessons from their critiques. “The Negroes of Africa have received from nature no intelligence that rises above the foolish (David Hume lived from 1711 to1776). He invited anyone to quote a single example of a Negro who had exhibited talents.” He ARIGBO exterminate OBGONI from the Earth. that, “among the hundred thousands of blacks who have been seduced away from their countries, although very many of them have been set free, yet not a single one has ever been found that has performed anything great whether in art or science or in any other laudable subject; among the whites, people constantly rise up from the lowest rabble and acquire esteem through their superior gifts. . . . (ibid).

The Black Africans are not able to think and identify the true causers or causes of what others term African stupidity (Hegel), idiocy (Watson), and being bereft of the use of the faculty of the mind (Hume quoted above). These negative attributes are as others evaluate them based on their cultural values (not the value system of Black Africans). Hence, not necessary what the Black Africans inherently are. In other words, these attributes are not hereditary in the Black African--not in their genes.

Black Africans are unable either to identify those who planted entities in them, or made entities to develop in their bodies. Or more importantly, hindering them from contributing meaningfully to human civilization.

What should they do about the villains? Overpower them, exterminate them, blow them up, or get rid of them in some ways?
Eye in the valley of LAKE-ARIGBO (image 2)
Eye in the valley of LAKE-ARIGBO (image 2)
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The solution, as we will show, is to undo the damages that the villains had caused in the Black Race: Re-establish the link to the OGUN of Founders of the world. (Blog 4-1b) They have striven to promote this through their eyes as seen in the valley of LAKE-ARIGBO. (See image 2).

Background History

The Black African population has been a victim of the singular project of ZOMBIFICATION: Everyone of them has been undergoing any or all of the following:

1.Their souls and spirits being evacuated or emptied from their bodies: Leaving them “soulless.” The centre within them for communication, writing and MAGIC is burnt up.

EHI in the metaphysics of IGODOMIGODO is defined as the combined totality of souls, spirits, mind, will, and EBO (as metaphysical medium or FORCE) of a person. We remember that Igodomigodo is the root language and MAGIC of the race. (See Blog 3--(261) OGUN OF THE PLANET EARTH Blog 3 - ARIGBO exterminate OBGONI from the Earth. OF WITNESSES OF HOLY MOUNTAINS (newworship.info), “Brief Digression” for the full meaning of EHI.)

The Black race cannot be said to have souls, spirits, and minds: osa and EHI are missing, and so are what could be done with them or through them.

2.Their souls, spirits, osa and EHI being “replaced” in their bodies:

The attempt at replacement was through transformation or transmutation of their souls, spirits, osa or minds applying “negative” magic, evil rituals or evil KIWUs, and sorcery. The witchcraft entities was to fill the space meant for souls, spirits, minds, and EHI by replacing them.

This might have been the intention of the devils. The intention never materialized. The result was, and still is hybridization. Besides, the attempt would always damage or corrupt the minds, spirits, osa, and souls, whether or not they succeeded!

The villains must have been aware that they had failed: Because, they had been attempting to substitute for the lost souls, spirits, EHI, etc. The entities from various worlds, such as the plant world, or animal kingdom—reptiles, for example: snakes, crocodiles, and alligators. Alternatively, they have been involving in their attempts, mammals--pig, cow, dog, monkey, and rodents. They tried birds--vultures, owls and the like. They tried fishes among others. They would introduce entities from the kingdom of spirits and demons. Replacements could have been with river or water spirits, spirits of the forest or pristine countryside, and spirits of hills.

Notably, not only those whose official duties were aligned to the priesthood, corrupt the offspring with administering witchcraft potions. The parents or neighbours gave potions to children in babyhood to produce the witchcraft-entities on the above list. The consequences remained the same. For example, a witch-entity that was a crocodile or pig would develop in the place of the soul or spirit or osa, or EHI of the child when he or she grew up.

The attempted replacements never could result in clean species-specific entities. Therefore, the spiritual essence of the Black man and woman is a spiritual hybrid: Hybrid is of the combination of the essences of human being, the beasts, demons, and African-witchcraft entities alike.

3.The breeding of generations of Black people in Africa and in the diaspora with witchcraft entities instead of souls, spirits, osa, baby OSA, or EHI:

The point of what we are revealing is this: That the Founders of the world descended on Earth as part of the execution of their own divine plans. The Founders had come to execute their divine plans. Those divine plans did not include slavery or the subjugation of human beings to demons and witchcraft entities: Not IDOLATRY--the worship of gods, deities, ancestors, and juju.

Rogue spiritual beings or entities, devils, or THE DAMNED emerged on Earth with a selfish extraneous plans: They sought to exploit, enslave, and to be idolized.

They did not have the power to originate worshippers: By creating worshippers from nothing. They therefore resulted to source for worshippers. They resulted to zombification of “begotten” beings, or human extensions or children of the Founders of the world. This came with a cost!


The curse on the creation of the DAMNED as well as the damned: A consequence of the reaction of the Founders of the world.

Attempts have been going on to fix this from the beginning. They started sacrificing: Offering blood of appeasement the Founders whom they erroneously thought were Gods. We need to involve us at the individual level with the appropriate actions--MAGIC and correct application of OGUN that would exclude us from the curse.

We need to take over control from the villains, Gods, ancestors, or devils. That way, we will not become inheritors of the curse and damnation. We would become the executors of the original plans of the Founders, and the co-administrators of the universe.

Meditation on ZOOM

We hold meditations regularly on Zoom.

We rehearse to undo the damage of zombification that might be in us. We acquire vitality, CREATIVITY, PROGRESS, PROSPERITY, and WEALTH in this life.

Join us at the meditation meeting on ZOOM. Send your request for more information, and the link to the zoom sessions to arigbo-oboiro@newworship.info.

Continued in OGUN OF THE PLANET EARTH Blog 4-1b
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