For So Much Evil Surrounds Us In This World

OGUN stations are pervasive in stars, planets, artefacts, living beings, and forms throughout the universe
An OGUN station exudes PUISSANCE—Force (i e Ebo) to coerce or sway, it is the controlling influence expressed through creating; OGUN also sustains our strength, power, force, energy, for change; and death, prevalent in the struggle to OVERPOWER our ARIGBO exterminate OBGONI from the Earth.: dominate your environment, and broadcast your challenges and successes.
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For So Much Evil Surrounds Us In This World

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OGUN IDAASHA in the valley of the LAKE-ARIGBO (Image A)
OGUN IDAASHA in the valley of the LAKE-ARIGBO (Image A)
Eyes OGUN L-ARIGBO-Web.jpg (26.7 KiB) Viewed 4350 times
The evils of the present civilization will be swallowed up; we will live in happiness and peace forever, in the next civilization devoid of their evils.

The evils surrounding us include all sorts of harassment—spiritual, sometimes with snakes, other times with sounds that destabilizes e.g. from bullroarers. There are disruptions in our normal lives: Disruptions to working to earn a decent living, disruptions in trading, travelling, farming, life’s routines and so on. Other forms of evil that surround us include spiritual blackmail, unreasoned fear, poverty, sickness, jinx or bad luck, and anxiety—no rest of mind: They prevent our peace and prosperity in life. Some people are tormented by entities from satanic ritual abuse. Some people earn more money than their neighbours earn but have nothing to show for it. The list is goes on and on and on.

God, the Devil, and imaginary beings are not to blame; rather, mortal men and women conspiring with evil spirits, entities, witchcraft spirits, ancestors, and other enemies (ikor) are agents who cause the evils to happen to you in particular: They suck blood, vital life fluids, energy, and wealth: They block your PRAYERS.

Victims being under their spell patronise them; their victims worship them, or worship with them as Witches, Chief priests, Pastors, Archbishops, Babalawos, Prophets, Overseers, Spiritualists, Mystics, Magicians, and Ancestors.

None of churches, mosques, shrines of Traditional African Religions, prayer merchants (men and women of God) or their God or Devil is striving to defeat the causers. They are not seeking to overpower the causes or causers, or trying to prevent their evils reaching you. On the contrary; they promote or sustain spirits or entities underlying the existence evil.

Some victims had been misled instead; make them to divert their energies (Ogun) at imaginary evils or “enemies,” neighbours, and to ancestral curses. Their efforts do not yield necessary results of overpowering the true causers of the evils menacing lives. Many blame evil spirits, witches or witchcraft as they set out to pray. They however, do not receive during prayers, the force to overpower the evils because they do not include overpowering in their prayers. Some blame instead the devil or sins from past incarnations without getting any relief from the evils. Regardless of what you understand evil to be, there is one solution for every version of evil plaguing you: And I, as the Oboiro, have the solution for you.

Fulfilling The PROPHECY

We require guidance increasingly in the present hour because of the urgency of surviving the Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic, in addition to the much evil that had been surrounding us in this world. Much evil surrounded us in this world before; the pandemic and the concomitant economic ruin came additionally to compound our lives--aggravated by fear.

Violence of all sorts from criminals and security personnel surround us in the streets around us now; people do not seem to register these as part of the evil that surround us in the world. It is important to note that these among other mundane disrupting events are part of the evil. Conclusively, all the various forms of evil originate from one root. The solution to all of them is also one.

The end of the evil that is now surrounding us in the world was revealed decades ago in THE PROPHECY. (THE PROPHECY BEING FULFILLED viewtopic.php?f=40&t=99&sid=bf98a60533f ... fa2268fc22 ) We know through the revelation that their origins were not going to be GOD, THE DEVIL, or some imaginary agents. (God is not to blame above) Those of the “visible eyes that never dim or blink,” of Holy MOUNTAIN IDAASHA LAKE-ARIGBO among other dwellers of holy mountains are executing The PROPHECY: They are warring with them: ruining, devastating, and annihilating, the causers of the evil. Present upheavals in Nations on Earth are consequences of the WAR.

Their OGUN is SWALLOWING the spirit of civilization; is “consuming” the WILL that had oppressed the race; had sustained the origin of the evil in the vanishing civilization; swallowing up the will and powers of the perpetrators of every evil surrounding people like you on Earth.

You only need to align your head with their heads to gain the power and dominate over those who cause your evil and suffering. (See a sample of the heads in Image B)
a sample of the heads in Image B)
a sample of the heads in Image B)
HEADS MOUNTAIN IDACHA-r-Web.jpg (40.37 KiB) Viewed 4350 times
The singular solution is PRAYER OR PRAYING

You however must pray the correct and most effective way. That is where praying One-On-One with the Oboiro is absolutely necessary. He is a companion of the dwellers of Holy mountains; they include those of the “visible eyes that never dim or blink,” of Holy MOUNTAIN IDAASHA LAKE-ARIGBO.

The One-On-One Prayer session with the Oboiro is different from ARIGBO exterminate OBGONI from the Earth. the old way for prayers: Singing praises, adoring, and worshiping. We focus in contrast, on OVERPOWERING our enemies: Join the new worship that is replacing the old one.

Be part of the POWERFUL process: This is an auspicious year to make the evils that surround you to be SWALLOWED away from your life forever.


We are witnessing the swallowing process as the Coronavirus and COVID-19 is “swallowing up” the present civilization and world order: It is the CURSE on our enemies. Additionally, it points at the victory of those who are part of the OVERPOWERING THE FORCES AND THE UNDERLYING entities, beings, demons, and evil spirits, in the present.

Some others are now challenging people to pray. That is correct; what is left is to focus on OVERPOWERING the villains. We must do this while our protectors and avengers are swallowing the bases and souls of their powers, namely, Gods, Goddesses, Mother, ancestors, juju, and so on.

God, the devil, or other imaginary spirits or beings are not to blame; rather, mortal men and women conspiring with evil spirits, entities, beings, demons, vexatious ancestors, had been PREDATING you in the name of God or Gods, Goddesses, Mother, ancestors, juju, etc. Some use promise of economic benefits (riches and wealth) as bate. Make overpowering the villains who are the predators in your life your personal PROJECT.

The One-On-One Prayer session with the Oboiro is different: You do not need to humiliate yourself by touching the soil with the forehead, or allowing evil priests to lay hand on your head; or as a man, allowing a woman to lay her hand on your head: Above all, we do not surrender--conditionally or unconditionally. Ours is NOT focused on surrender and submission; RATHER we are OVERPOWERING our enemies the priests and other agents that are conspiring with the source of their powers and beings. They are all being swallowed up: Separate your life from theirs by praying differently lest you perish with them.

The Battle Is Not Your Battle

The battle is not your battle; simply align your paying with the swallowing process: the process that is in synchronicity with fulfilment of THE PROPHECY. Let those of “the visible eyes that never dim or blink” do the battling for you.

You can of course regard the eyes that never blink or dim without any special equipment if you went on a pilgrimage to MOUNT IDAASHA LAKE-ARIGBO.

You may be a man or a woman. You can also see and commune with the OGUN IDAASHA in the valley of the LAKE-ARIGBO. (Image A)

Make a request for the ZOOM Meeting ID and Pass code to praying One-On-One with the Oboiro. Send an email through
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