NewLiveAxe With PUISSANCE- Update (Nov2019)

Discussions of matters related to healing and miracle works: Include spiritual warfare, and psychic self-defence. What is the role and relevance of application of LIVEAXE, CAULDRONS, STAFFS, EBO, etc. in the process? Suggest alternatives in methods or choice of tools if any.
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NewLiveAxe With PUISSANCE- Update (Nov2019)

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LiveAxe Picture 1
LiveAxe Picture 1
7a. LiveAxe-Li.jpg (54.75 KiB) Viewed 4968 times
That You May Overcome And Prosper By The Power Of The Secret Of LAKE-ARIGBO

The Ancestors of INVENTORS of LIVEAXE, EBO, and related TOOLS for HEALING and MIRACLE WORKS cursed the users of the old LiveAxe because some users sinned against them. (Re IMPRECATION: Provoked OATH Of Vengeance--Calling Evil Down By Ancestors To Avenge their own.) The culprits and their families were damned.

We, therefore, replaced the LiveAxe with “New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE.” We did that and ascended HOLY LIVE IDAASHA-ARIGBO. LIVE IDAASHA-ARIGBO has a secret that had remained hidden. The secret is revealed in our time through LAKE-ARIGBO; through the revelation of its miracle-working water. The power of the secret is now available through the PUISSANCE of the New LiveAxe.

This source seals the ability of The New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE to be pure and free from every curse: It will remain that way eternally—the enemy cannot influence it through witchcraft (say by invoking it or the owner in shrines or covens); they cannot influence it with voodoo, or blood offering.

The revelation

The additional good news today is that the PUISSANCE is through the EYES, SOUNDS, AND WATER of HOLY LIVE IDAASHA-ARIGBO in the midst of THE LIVE MOUNTAINS AND HILLS OF DASSA. By analogy, the New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE is like the electric power tool you use; the power tool gets its power from the electric power generating station; similarly, the New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE gets its PUISSANCE from the OGUN supply station of IDAASHA-ARIGBO.

The eyes that you see in picture 2
Eyes of ARUOGUN: They neither sleep nor blink.  Picture 2
Eyes of ARUOGUN: They neither sleep nor blink. Picture 2
Eyes OGUN L-ARIGBO-Web.jpg (30.82 KiB) Viewed 4968 times

neither sleep nor blink; they are the visible emblematic eyes of the invisible eyes and windows to transcendent entities.

The eternal sounds are of HOLY LIVE IDAASHA-ARIGBO—it is an attribute of their life-essence; by it we know that they are alive and in communication with the physical world: They see us, hear our prayers and are responding: They are helping, guiding, protecting, saving, avenging, and interceding on behalf of those who ask.

The perpetual miracle-working water is the LAKE-ARIGBO: It is the product of the continuous events inside LIVE IDAASHA-ARIGBO—the exhaust or byproduct of their engines so to speak. The liquid bears Ogun of the processes. It is analogous to water in atomic reactors; the water bears radiation from nuclear fusion.

The liquid healed me when I washed my face with it as it does everybody. Actions of the priesthood confirm the inherent healing qualities of the liquid: Priests in DASSA apply the liquid in their practice: They misleadingly credit their shrines or gods with the healing powers. It is confusing to me that the priesthood forbids the citizenry from praying directly to ARIGBO: they want people to pray to the priest instead so that the priest would, in turn, pray to ARIGBO on their behalf.

The roots, origin, or fountains of the related eyes, sounds, and water are transcendent; they are of Heaven, not of this world: They are accessible to us for our healing and prosperity, and the benefit of humankind. It is free to use and makes the users prosper.

Guaranteed Protection And Effectiveness

Shepherds and overseers of spiritual churches consult me often that Satan or “the Devil” was using their members to prevent the Holy Spirit from working in their churches. Chief priests complained that evil people or witches were preventing the blood they offered from getting to their gods and ancestors. Others complained that enemies were preventing the progress of their business. Jinxed women complained that each time men wanted to marry any of them, the men suffered misfortunes or died. Potential employers hated the sight of others. I gave them New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE. They all overcame the evil powers and entities.

The first time a sage told me to get Ebo for protection and defense, I could not understand why I needed protection: I had faith in the protection from God, church or shrine. When I eventually got one, I did not know how to curse or who to curse. If you are like whom I was, you must have discovered that prayer based on faith alone was empty sound: Like the noise of a gun that did not contain bullets. You need to put some ammunition in the gun—the ammunition, and not the sound damaged the enemy. In the same sense, New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE would become the ammunition in your prayers. We supply a user manual with each of them. So you would know who or what, and how to defend yourself with it.

Get this portable Ogun; the correct time has come to get one for your protection and psychic defense (or spiritual warfare).

New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE meets twin needs, which are spiritual protection and effectiveness in battle. No more, “Man of God, pray for me, evil spirits are worrying me.” This is so because the New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE is with the divine combination of eyes, sounds, and water: The true eyes are of another universe, vibrations of the sounds are in heaven (only the chosen people can hear it), and the water is charged colorless fluid—spiritual equivalent of electrolyte.

Spiritual Warfare

The enemies include wicked people, demons, evil entities, witches, and some gods. The New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE defends their owners: it eliminates the villains by killing them, damaging them or by inflicting pains on them: Evidence of their victories emerges in the process. The villains attack the artifacts in response and fail.

Most superstitious villains believe that the actions of Ebo are directed by their owners’ minds. Hence, when they are persistently defeated and there is no hope of their ever-overcoming New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE, they apply a strategy of weakening the mind of the owners: They try deluding the owners. They would fake the desirable evidence.

Hence, it is important that the elements in the Ogun of New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE be in a status in which the enemy could not influence them, cheat the owners through them, or mislead owners by faking evidence.

The eyes that look like human eyes do not blink, dim, close, or sleep—unlike the eyes of this world. Moreover, as for the sounds, enemies cannot fake the sound that they cannot hear, or fake the liquid whose pure state cannot be altered.

The eyes of OGUN that never blink are monitoring the effect and flow of the processes that involve the New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE in our lives. The enemies and the damned have nowhere to hide now. They cannot escape the powers of the New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE.

Own One

We recommend that those who own the old ones or are the relations of those who owned some should replace them with this New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE.

You would know whether you have the old one or the new one if you have the user manual: Is your user manual for the old one or for the New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE.

Conclusively, you can reverse your misfortunes in life with New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE, you can now vanquish your enemies and their gods, and cease what is yours that they have stolen from you, or taken from you through deceit, sorcery, cheating, or blackmail. The fortune, blessings, and peace they prevented you from enjoying before would now yours.
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