“. . . . We will be with you always. You all will have abundant wealth, in peace, harmony, and freedom.” How will this come to the individual quester who seeks after truth, and may need protection, deliverance, relief from suffering of evil and spiritual attacks? How will your stolen wealth and prosperity be restored? Discuss your experiences and challenges that make people seek help: Why some people rely on amulets, talismans, LiveAxe, and similar artefacts.
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Image of energy and power of PUISSANCE
“. . . . We will be with you always. You all will have abundant wealth, in peace, harmony, and freedom.”

They guarantee us abundant wealth, not riches as Lucifer offers, not riches as the Babalawo offers, not riches as the witch doctors of UGANDA offer: The witch doctors of UGANDA illustrate the general practice in Africa—where they rely on the blood of children, including draining blood from living youth! Nay, the wealth our Companions on the Holy Mountains promise comes through PUISSANCE; comes in conjunction with freedom, peace, and harmony.

The PROMISE is the favour granted us by Companions on the Holy Mountains. Many people may not have heard of this Promise before, because of their convictions or religions. Their standard demonstrates however, that that devotion, religion, or God is not standing them in good stead. Their God or whatever is not enough, as their reliance on other sources for energy demonstrates. They need additional support over and above them to survive the evils that surround all of us in this world.

Consequently, people depend for spiritual guarantee for protection and defence, on various artefacts, which include charms, amulets, rings, mascots, lucky pieces, pendants, talismans; they rely on jewellery and wristwatches imbued with mystical energies; further are voodoo objects, juju-objects or fetishes, magicians’ wands, religious paraphernalia, Runes, images of saints, deities, and ancestors. Every one of these bears derived energy; they are supposed to store the power of their Gods, saints, Buddha, Lucifer, and so on.

We say, “Supposed” because the performances of the artefacts depend on the faith of their owners. When it fails as it must, and the evil from which the artefact was supposed to protect befalls the owner, he or she does NOT blame the God, deity, or Juju that supplies the energy and the power; he or she blames instead himself or herself. They would believe that they must have violated a taboo, of the Gods, deity, juju, etc. whose power was in the amulet. This point is where the New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE and other artefacts created by the Oboiro are different and superior to the rest.

The New LiveAxe is the channel for the PUISSANCE promised by Companions on the Holy Mountains and Heaven. Everything: abundant wealth, freedom, peace, and harmony come through puissance—power and might beyond faith; that is power and might that is independent of your faith or lack of faith.

Owners Of Artefacts Without PUISSANCE Anticipate Failure

The truth is that the cause of the failure of their artefacts that are bereft of PUISSANCE to live up to expectation is seldom in the owner. Most owners anticipate this; hence, they make sacrifices to appease the malevolent entities, demons, witchcraft spirits, Lucifer, and vexatious ancestors despite owning an artefact. Their actions are attestations they know these to be the true source of their failure. We encourage everyone to include in their daily prayer: “Give us this day relief from Gods, ancestors, and sacrificing.” If you own the New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE, and use it as instructed in the use MANUAL, your protection, wealth, life abundant, and rest of mind is assured.

We of the Holy Mountains enjoy the promise of protection from every manner of devil, demons, evil beings, witchcraft entities, and the rest. This comprehensive protection is through the PUISSANCE; the power and might is beyond Faith—or independent of faith. They imbue the artefacts created under their supervision with power of the PUISSANCE: New LiveAxe is one of these: Hence, we say it is with PUISSANCE: POWER and might beyond (or independent of) faith.

Exemption From Sacrificing

A corollary of dependence on PUISSANCE is that owners of the New LiveAxe With PUISSANCE are exempt from blood rituals and sacrifices to merit the guarantees on the PROMISE. “Sacrifice” is not only through blood offerings, but also through loss of energy (UTHILZAKH), and material or financial resources. Here in Nigeria where I live (and indeed in Africa) victims who can barely survive on their resources go borrowing to buy the sacrificial animals: Some starve themselves fasting and praying: Others are afraid to sleep in their homes and hence go daily to all-night church serves. These of course are not able to perform at work in their farms, workshops, or stores in the day, thereby adding to their costs.
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