THE PROPHECY--The SNAIL (Interpretation 2)

The PROPHECY has many interpretations, each according to the spirituality of the one attempting the interpretation. You are welcome to add your own.
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THE PROPHECY--The SNAIL (Interpretation 2)

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Plaque of the PROPHECY-Note SNAIL at bottom
The SNAIL In The PROPHECY Stands For Power And Might Beyond FAITH (AKHASE-Ebo).

NOTE: The word “Akhasẹ,” as all other technical terms in this MAILING LIST, is from Edo or Bini, the language spoken by the Benin race of Great Benin in southwest Nigeria. This is the mother tongue of The Oboiro, the author.

Akhase: The Link Between LiveAxe (Or Live Artefacts) And Its Owner

Akhasẹ is the ability to make an event happen by thinking about it, feeling strongly about it, willing it to happen, anticipating that it will happen, wishing that it happened, or decreeing it to happen. Akhasẹ yields the expression as curse or blessing by a human being. Instead of expression that may be good or bad, it is OATH as imprecation by divinities: the calling down of harm on sinners by divinities—with verses from the SONGS of creation. (We will analyse this in Interpretation 3.)

Ogun, the energy is borne or carried by a medium, the Ebo as life of an artefact. ebo (lowercase) is any artefact or physical object in which Ebo inheres. The ebo-device, LiveAxe, or live artefact, stimulates a weak akhase that is in a state next to being nonexistent; it enhances and boosts the akhase of the owner. That way, it enhances the chances of surviving the attacks of the agents of the SERPENT; the owner would defeat many, and triumph over most.

The sole goal of the SERPENT is to be God whose will alone is done on Earth; it robs a person of the power of control by distracting the akhase of a person. All peoples whose will could not be done are in a continual battle with the serpent: They rely on their akhase: Their akhase in turn, draws resources from LiveAxe, ebo, and live artefacts.

EBO, Ebo, ebo (Ideas at the heart of the SNAIL in the PROPHECY)

Examples of ebo include the LiveAxe, the Ark of the Covenant of the Prophet, the rod, and the staff of Egyptian Magicians, and the Prophets, the staff of the Pope, KAABA in Mecca, the wax images that Alexander the Great (a protégée of the Socrates) planted around Alexandra to protect it, and on which he relied to win his wars. (E. A. Wallis Budge) Ogun (not to be confused for Ogun the energy) who became Oba Ewuare the Great of Great Benin, Ancient Benin Empire (W. Africa), deployed this means to regain his throne from a usurper, and to secure the kingdom later against adversaries. Bone, stone, leather, or some other durable object becomes an Ebo-artefact (live artefact) when they carve or inscribe on them, Germanic or other Runes, images of saints, deities, and ancestors. Artefacts, which may serve as mediums for the Ogun of Ebo (PUISSANCE) include charms, amulets, rings, mascots, lucky pieces, pendants, talismans, and jewellery; others are voodoo objects, juju-objects or fetishes, religious paraphernalia, magicians’ wands, wristwatches, etc.


The “LiveAxe” is an example that I use now in the generic sense to represent all pieces of ebo. LiveAxe is now generic ebo: One may refer to ebo as LiveAxe, or any LiveAxe as ebo.

SNAIL is ebo in the PROPHECY that will swallow up the SERPENT. We know from experience that reliance on “SNAIL-power” is universal and pervasive: The akhase of humankind as a whole now stands in opposition to “SERPENT-power.” However, either and not both, will prevail eternally. We want to prevail over the SERPENT: It follows from that that the akhase of all working together will swallow up the SERPENT in the end, which is in our time. That is the PROPHECY and promise for humankind.

Witchcraft And Serpent Craft vs. Akhase Of Humankind

Witch-CRAFT is the CRAFT of proclivity for perfidy inside a person that makes people refer to them as witches. Witches have innately, a strong inherent inclination or predisposition toward deliberate treachery or deceit. This is beyond their control, and that arises from a natural tendency in that direction: It revolves about particular characteristics of constitution, temperament, or from frequent or habitual experience with, or indulgence in deliberate treachery or deceit.

The entities that dwell in the bodies of witches are essentially the source of the evils for which they are DAMNED, and the reason why everyone rely on ebo for protection from them, and why everybody is in the fight with them. However, witches’ craft is mundane and affect or kill primarily the body.

Those with the SERPENT CRAFT in contrast, work at a remote level: They defile and corrupt the mind, spirit, and soul; they pollute. The person with the SERPENT-CRAFT is not only manipulative, but comes out in the open to attack through spreading rituals and potions that pollutes, corrupts, and defiles.

LiveAxe Or The SNAIL

LiveAxe has PUISSANCE of the Holy Mountains—inimitable power and might, Ogun of ebo that will replace the powers of the serpent at the full realization of the PROPHECY. (See details about the LiveAxe as such here: ... sance.html)

LiveAxe, ebo, Key To Annihilating The Serpent

There is a warning in the traditions about the institution of Oboiro: If they proclaimed a wrong man the Oboiro, he would die within three years under mysterious circumstances. I was proclaimed Oboiro in 1990 or over one-quarter of one century ago. I have discovered why a fake Oboiro would not last: The Oboiro (the institution and person) is under continuous and sustained enemy attacks every minute of the day and every minute of the night: The enemies sense that he is somehow the key or “fuse” of the power of their annihilation. An Oboiro would not be able to survive through his personal powers alone: The PUISSANCE of the Holy Mountains protects and supports the true Oboiro. I have survived because my Head is continually linked to the PUISSANCE of the Holy Mountains; I own a LiveAxe. The Oboiro thus become the fuse as it were of the explosion that will end the civilization based on witchcraft and serpent power.

The LiveAxe is the key to higher mysteries of control of life and destiny that will wrench the world from the SERPENT. It is a tool in the struggle to take over control of one’s destiny, and to maintain the control.
PROPHECY Of Annihilating Curse And Scourge

Everyone on Earth relies on Ogun—energy of akhase. Everyone that plans evil and everyone that plans good are in the same market of getting ebo. The SERPENT is the villain. The world is one battlefield of all. There can be no peace or sustained progress as long as the SERPENT is alive and has access to the same energy as those of the SNAIL. Hence, the PROPHECY is that the SERPENT will be swallowed up behind (after) the fallen gigantic oak tree—their civilization. Before that happens, the CURSE ... oaths.html and scourge of the SERPENT will continue to swell.

There is the general CURSE that includes ANCESTRAL CURSES and OATHS on one hand, and a specific curse on those who attack the creators of genuine ebo, on the other hand. The institution of the specialists who create ebo is the extension of the roots of creation process (AYI) of the UNIVERSES.

The DAMNED resulted to using the ebo that the specialists created against the creators. They had used LiveAxe against the Oboiro who created and supplied them. The Oboiro, who created and supplied them, belongs to the institution of special helpers whose duty is to help and advance humanity-- the Divine Plan for humankind). Divine founders established the institution: These are their ancestors.

Using artefacts and means for spiritual or psychic defence against those who created and supplied them to help humanity is a taboo (or sin). This is trite tradition. Violation of the taboo has dire consequences as it provokes the OATH of the ancestors of the institution. (EBONIKARO). Hence, they called down harm on the violators; these included the former LiveAxes and their owners. The OATH extends to their families, and those who conspired with them whether or not they owned one. The OATH: the calling down of harm on SINNERS is on both the living and the dead.

Those without LiveAxes (in the broader sense as ebo) would lose protection and control utterly in the end; meaning that as victims of demons, witchcraft powers, and entities, they would become clinically insane. Moreover, there can be no peace or progress in the world owing to the activities of the SERPENT. They cannot be converted, redeemed, or excluded; the upholders of the Divine Plan are interrupting the scenario that would lead to their triumph or continued interruptions of the exercise of control, for humankind. The ultimate solution is their annihilation—swallowing up the human agents of the SERPENT power.

(Continued in Interpretation 3)

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