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IMPRECATION: Provoked OATH Of Vengeance

The Oath Of Vengeance--Calling Evil Down By Ancestors To Avenge Eboiro (pl of Oboiro), Past And Present.   

Provoked OATH To Avenge Persecuted, Hexed, And Cheated Companions Of Every Dweller Of Holy Mountains  And Holy Natural Sites, Throughout History.


The dwellers on the Holy Mountains guide humankind through affiliates, companions, and others chosen by them: These are called Eboiro (pl of Oboiro). They mandate Eboiro and their elects to sustain the MASTER PLAN of the good of the Race. The Dwellers and those in Heaven from where they descended are the Ancestors. Eboiro and the others sustain the good of the race.

They manufacture and supply spiritual means for psychic defence under the inspiration and supervision of the Dwellers of the Holy Mountains and Ancestors. Eboiro create the LiveAxe and artefacts called ebo (in Bini, the mother tongue of the Oboiro). The artefacts have PUISSANCE--power and might beyond faith: PUISSANCE is emanating through the Holy Mountains. Ebo enable companions and those who depended hitherto on ineffective charms, talismans, etc. to triumph: Those who depended hitherto on ineffective charms, talismans, etc. would triumph if they replaced those ones bereft of the PUISSANCE with LiveAxe and ebo of The Oboiro.


Various institutions of the damned have evolved over the millennia: Their members, the damned, pollute, corrupt, and contaminate everything, being, and institutions with which they come in contact. The damned include spiritual predators and MalOrCestors (Maleficent Order Of Ancestors) who create victims of witchcraft spells, hexes, diabolic satanic rituals, mental ill health, and psychosis. They produce potions they make candidates eat during initiation rituals. They work with witchcraft spells, hexes, and impersonation of the Dwellers of the Holy Mountains: The Dwellers include our sponsors and mandators.

They impersonate ancestors to mislead questers who seek after truth. They produce fake songs to mislead people who would benefit from the SOUNDS (NOT songs) of Holy Mountain IDACHA (pr IDASHA).

They seek to impede or wipe out affiliates, companions, and descendants of the Dwellers of the Holy Mountains, and Ancestors in Heaven. They used ebo manufactured by Eboiro and other elected ones to attack the manufacturers and those who mandated the creators.

They used ebo to perpetrate myriad of other evils for which they were condemned. Ancestors were provoked to imprecate them, by calling down evil to perish them: Those who doomed, who attack Companions, Affiliated SKULLS, and those who sustain the MASTER PLAN of the good of the Race. The Oaths called down to bring them evil extend to all their institutions: Lodge, fraternity, sorority, shrine, sanctuary, mystical orders, Wicca, Pentecostalism, Religion, evangelism, and so on.

The PROPHECY is about The SNAIL, SERPENT, and TREE or LOG: The TREE lived for centuries. Hurricanes tore at it for generations; it withstood them all. When the breeze came one day, it pulled it down. Why did the TREE not survive the breeze when it had withstood hurricanes? It was because its roots had been consumed. .

Imprecation caused the TREE to fall: It consumed its roots

That the TREE had roots, and branches: these were all gone by the time the TREE fell. 
The trunk that became the log, is the institution represented by the combination of all the institutions and ways of worship of the damned. They are branches and roots of the TREE. SERPENT power manifests and is sustained through their hexes, sorcery, religion and worship.
The discernible effect of the imprecation from Ancestors is loss of control and protection. The damned people lose their powers of psychic self-defence, and control. Failing health due to ailments that orthodox doctors cannot cure is a sign. Their businesses fail for reasons above human understanding. They suffer frequent nightmares when they encounter attacks of demons and other entities.
The damned lose control and protection utterly; meaning that they become clinically insane victims of demons, witchcraft powers, and entities. Moreover, there can be no peace or progress in the world owing to the activities of these demonologists, cheats, and attackers.
Their troubles are not limited to the spiritual: They, or their own, have accidents, crop failures, and failed health with associated pains in their bodies. Their businesses fail, as do other institutions they depend on for their livelihood and evil practices.

They suffer other devastating experiences too many to list out here.
All their endeavours to be relieved from the effects of the OATH remain to no avail.
Unfortunately, they cannot be converted, redeemed, or excluded: They do not read, listen to, or learn from non-members of their cults, religion, idolatry, and worship: They cannot be redeemed, because they persistently attack those as enemies, who do not belong to their cult, religion, and so on: They cannot be excluded from interacting with others that they categorise as enemies—they must attach them to their enemies to destroy their enemies.
Furthermore, they indulge in those modes of worship and sacrificing that led to their damnation in the first place. These include sacrifices that violated the Universal Golden Rule (UGR) and taboos: Taboos include ritual murder: Includes killing animals they offer to demons, fetishes, and Shango at sites they name OSAGBAYE.

Since they cannot be converted, redeemed, or excluded, the ultimate solution is to perish them and their works, and removing them from existence. This ultimate solution is the essence of THE PROPHECY. , and goal of the imprecations of vengeance.
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