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R. Dahra Hargaalga (The Oboiro), Companion Of Dwellers Of Holy Mountains, Anthropologist of Religions

The Oboiro Mandate, The Promise Of Holy Mountains, And Heaven 


“Take over the administration of the common good of the Race: We will be with you always. You will be filled with puissance to exercise OGUN. Relieve all from the burden of sacrificing forever. Bear our PROMISE. Go into the world and broadcast the nature and truth about the Holy Mountains as revealed to you.”. 



Take Over Control of your life and destiny.
Receive this day and everyday relief from Gods, Ancestors, and Sacrificing.
Be delivered and protected from spiritual predators, demons, priests, enemies, and impostors.
We grant you wisdom, OGUN, and PUISSANCE, for so much evil, spiritual predators, hexes, impostors, pastors, shrines, churches, and falsehood surround you in this world.

We will AVENGE you.



Flesh and blood may pass away, skull and bones endure forever storing his OGUN-EBO

The SKULL and bones alone are permanent elements of human beings and the Oboiro

He exists through SKULL and bones outside of time and space with companions in the Holy Mountains and Heaven.

Living Oboiro SKULL: seeing with eye socket, speaking without lips and tongue, hearing without earlobes.

There is no atmosphere or space in the Holy Mountains or Heaven: No gaps between beings or among beings.  Beings are without flesh and blood. No hunger, no eating sacrificial meat or foods.

There is life without death in the Holy Mountains: There is no blood or flesh to die or rot. There is no hell fire or any other destructive aspects of OGUN in Heaven.

Miscellaneous images in the life and times of The Oboiro. Related experiences are the bases of his lectures, blogs, and publications. 

Initiations And Transfiguration Points On Path To Becoming The Oboiro

Before Birth: Dahra Oboiro HarGaalga is last born of eight children of his mother. People, including the mother had predictions about the coming of the Oboiro. Mother had a relevant dream-state experience as a girl under ten.

Revelations About Oboiro-to-be: as a baby early childhood before age 10 are on his Website.

Mundane Initiation: He underwent initiation into a secret masquerade society about age ten. He ate the witchcraft potion as part of initiation into the masquerade secret society. Normally, a witch-entity or astral being (ababe in Bini) would evolve in the initiate, according to the ingredients of the formula of the potion. Such an entity did not develop in the Oboiro-to-be owing to his innate endowed powers. He was therefore to be persecuted as they did all that they gave a pejorative name for not becoming a witch or wizard in conformity to traditions of witchdoctors and witchcraft.

They persecuted him in attempts at cowing him and preventiing him from his destined mission; receiving and achieving the mandate in spite of it all, followed. (Visit his Website for details.)



He watched a session on the surface of river Ekehuan of spiritual beings which he later identified as Companions on Holy Mountain Anubode (Oke n' Anubode) in nearby Ughoton.

Another “Oboiro” experience followed the same year. He was playing in the school compound, shouting on top of his voice (his senior brother to whom he was a house boy had travelled). It happened: the sun “dimmed” of a sudden. The atmosphere changed and he was in a different reality. He remembers it was peaceful and felt ecstasy within him. He cannot remember how long it lasted before he came round.

A further encounter happened in the zone when he visited Ughoton the first time in 2010 on Oke n Anubode; an Extraterrestrial Form (ETF) pointed out a gargantuan white edifice: he named it ARUOKUN: Such an ETF revealed IDACHA as the name of the Holy Mountain IDACHA (pronounced IDASHA) in which Lake ARIGBO SANCTUARY is located.

PEGASUS of Mountain OLYMPUS was revealed to the Oboiro in association with Mountain IDACHA of ARIGBO. He learned also that ARO “gave her children” the word IROPFIO in connection with the Holy Mountain IROPFIO.
(The word Ivbiaro means children of ARO in Etsako, their language.) However, they have not been able to unravel “IROPFIO” just as ARIGBO people were not able to unravel IDACHA or ARIGBO owing to the absence of an Oboiro among them.

His most recent encounters were of Lake ARIGBO and Mountain IDACHA, while perusing the photographs he took of mount IDACHA and the Lake. He made a Presentation on this to the faculty members and students of the University Of Abomey-Calavi. See gallery of pictures at Sanctuary Of Lake ARIGBO. They named him Anthropologue des religions (in French) (Meaning Anthropologist of Religions)




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