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IDAASHA: A Mountain In The Holy Land Of Mountains Of Gods’ Ancestors

Holy Mountain IDAASHA is the source of PUISSANCE, the power and might to gain control over your destiny, for prosperity, and happiness.

Below are representative heads of Communities on Holy mountain IDACHA

Faces of the community of Holy Mountain IDACHA,
Foundation in Heaven of different communitties on Earth--each according to species

Showing particular species or gender in  different segments 

  1. Looks like heads of people. The branches are hairs. Note that the left eye of dominant male figure, is also the face of a female person.
  2. You notice what looks like the bald headed person with bushy eyebrow. The image in front of him is a woman, It fist gives the impressionof being his lips. See encircled relevant images below.
  3. This being has a face that is not of this world. The nose and mouth are not humanlike. Has distinctive eyes.
  4. Top right is what looks like a hole. This is one of the shafts of the passageway between universes or interstelar spaces.
  5. You can see the eyes of this huge being at the top. 
  6. See also, encircled features below. Some beings seem to be inside other beings, because there is no space, gap, or atmosphere in Heaven.

Exercise, Practice

View the picture of Holy Mountain IDACHA (pronounced idasha) over and over many times. Make it your desktop picture. Look at it sometimes in the night, and sometimes in the day. Notice the varying formations and discover that those heads are alive. Communicate with them and receive your own message. Discuss it in the FORUM.

Do not just take my word for what they are; discover, and formulate a story just for you. You may send your observations to the Oboiro if you like. Publish your impressions and opinions on the FORUM: Start a topic. Discuss them with others: It is not a secret—acknowledge and bear witness.

Summary about Mountain IDAASHA

IDAASHA: A Mountain In The Holy Land Of Mountains Of Gods’ Ancestors

Holy Mountain IDACHA is the source of PUISSANCE, the power and might to triumph over evil.

You will see see animals that include human forms; some of the human forms have horns or antennae. (See images in Sanctuary of Lake ARIGBO)

There are holes that we believe are invisible shafts joining universes: They are the shafts for interstellar travelers with or without special vehicles. This is the top level with plants. The landing at the bottom of the shaft was revealed to the Oboiro, and he made a bronze casting of it.

These figures were Gods to the ancients who had legends of chariots of the Gods. Various creation myths tell us that we were created in the image of the dwellers of the Holy Mountains, or gardens, or holy natural spots of marvel and miracles.

Beings that are on record as ETFs or UFO still travel between universes and time-spaces. We might have to rethink the idea of founding the world, and start talking about a continuous creation process instead, with creators coming many times and arriving in different places on our planet at different ages.

Note that this creation process continues, and humankind are participating.

The lower level features Sanctuary of Lake ARIGBO . The lake has not dried up for the past thousands of years. The legend about the water is that it is the efluent of the production of the dwellers. (This legend applies to all Holy Mountains--everyone of them has a lake or fountain.)

The wall shows a map of the landscape of adjacent universe. It also shows many courts that appear to be joined by labyrinth of passages. The lake features a Sanctuary. The sanctuary has a visible sentry that guards and protects it. (See details here

The Holy Mountain IDACHA remains the source of PUISSANCE, the power and might to triumph over evil.




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